Driving School 1 and 2 online

Complete Driving School 1 and 2 wherever you'd like, whenever you'd like and ace the test in the first try.

Completely online course

Study at any time that suits you

Price: 12.500 kr


Over 1,000 students have gone through our course. Here's why:


We explain complex concepts with pictures and videos.


We use quizes in each step to ensure you've understood the content.

All online

No need to take the bus to take the course or beg a friend to drive you. You can study from wherever.

Always open

The course is always accessible. 24/7 and even months after you've finished the course.

Certified Course

Studying online is equivalent to taking the course in person.

Safe and secure

Payments are secure and we only share your progress with your driving instructor.

Driving School 1 and 2

Driving School 1 and 2 are split into 6 rounds. We rely on pictures and quizes to help you understand and remember the content. After each round we have a 'round test' where we quiz you on the content of the round.

Before starting Driving School 1 you should have finished at least one driving lesson with a driving instructor. You'll get more out of the course that way.

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